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Smacker Ephedra Review


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Product Description

There are tons of ephedra products on the market today. It is this level of choice that has become the problem, since many of these manufacturers attempt to confuse unsuspecting customers into believing theirs is effective. Many use small amounts of ephedra, or do not combine it with other compounds that can ever hope to create a synergistic or thermogenic effect. So, with that in mind, we present our Smacker Ephedra review, which is one of the most effective supplements available today.

Used For Weight Loss:

Smacker ephedra ECY Stack is an ephedra product that is very powerful and effective. This is something to be used by those serious about losing weight. It will help dieters to experience a level of success they may not have ever achieved in the past. You can also use this to help reduce your body fat percentage in preparation for a body building or power lifting contest or competition.

Ingredients Included In Smacker ECY:

Smacker Ephedra really has done a great job of keeping to simple, but effective, ingredients in their product. This is also considered to be a stack, meaning that everything included is designed to working in harmony and coordination with each other.

They manufacturer has started off with the basic ephedra. There is a full 25mg of ephedra, which makes for quite a punch. There is also 200mg of caffeine in the form of Kola nut seeds, which is also known to be a very effective formulation. There is also white willow bark, a natural form of aspirin. Rounding out the rest of the ingredients, we see some B5 to help the formulation take effect quickly, some Hoodia extract, and a proprietary blend to maintain the chemical reactions.

Final Words:

Start off slowly with this, since it is a very powerful formula. Maybe even with just 1 capsule a day. Use about 30 minutes before eating breakfast and then experiment with taking before a workout and/or ahead of your evening meal.